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HyTe for individual citizens

Looking for health and wellbeing services provided by dedicated NGOs? Need support in coping with the challenges of old age or unemployment? Or just searching for meaningful activity through volunteer opportunities close to your heart?

Our digital service Lähellä.fi gathers information about NGOs and their activities in one spot to be easily found and utilized. The English-language Lähellä.fi portal is currently under construction.  

We help the unemployed with innovative job search models and personal coaching, as well as organize volunteer help and good company for senior citizens so that they can better manage and enjoy everyday life. Our OLKA unit coordinates the support hospital volunteers provide to patients in medical institutions.  

You are warmly welcome to join our volunteer network! Our volunteers speak mostly Finnish or Swedish, but English or other foreign-language speakers are now and then called for case by case. Don’t hesitate to contact your language or ethnic group’s NGOs – they are probably our Kumppanuushautomo’s networking partners already. 

HyTe’s services for citizens 

  • Digital services   
  • Help and support in different life situations 
  • Volunteer opportunities    


HyTe for individual citizens