Help and support for NGO`s

HyTe at your NGO’s service

Does your NGO need help and assistance in organizing its activities effectively? Lacking suitable space for member events? Willing to participate in improving NGOs’ operating environment and public recognition of their work? Interested in learning about best practices and new organizational competencies to develop your activities? HyTe provides NGOs with a wide range of services that support their operations.

HyTe is a networking NGO active in the Uusimaa region. Our goal is to provide services that boost the region’s NGOs and their daily operations. You can count on us to offer centrally located and reasonably priced facilities, sound advice and expertise on multi-channel marketing and digital communication techniques, as well as networks through which your organization’s voice will be heard where and when it matters most.  

HyTe’s services for NGOs 

  • Digital services 
  • Marketing and communication support 
  • Networks for influencing public policy and decision-making 
  • Support for organizing and coordinating volunteer work 
  • Office and workspace services 

Services for NGOs