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HyTe for the public sector

HyTe is a main source of information for public officials counselling their customers on third-sector services. In addition to help or peer support, HyTe also channels up-to-date information about hobbies and volunteer opportunities, increasingly through digital services.

Networks that welcome public agencies to participate 

We organize networks that act as an interface between the public sector and the third sector. These networks provide an opportunity to public officials and NGO people to meet, get acquainted with each other and exchange views on current topics.  

HyTe also coordinates volunteer activities with the public sector, so that they best complement public health and social services for citizens, including immigrants, senior citizens and patients in public hospitals. In our longest-running volunteer operation OLKA, we have partnered with the capital-region university hospital HUS, the biggest healthcare provider in the country.  

We arrange workshops and other occasions that bring associations and public authorities together. HyTe is actively involved in creating and building new cooperation models between NGOs and the public sector at all levels of decision-making.  

As the national health and social services reform takes form, we help establish the structures for cooperation between NGOs and the new wellbeing services counties in the Uusimaa Region.  

HyTe’s services for the public sector 

  • Digital services for customer care 
  • Networks for multisector cooperation 
  • Volunteer work coordination, especially hospital volunteers and senior helpers 

HyTe for the public sector

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