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Kumppanuushautomo – foreign-language NGOs’ network

Looking for a partner with whom to develop your association’s daily operations or target group services? Seeking best practices and experience-based expertise to support your services? Interested in influencing decision-making affecting public services available for immigrants and foreign-language-speakers?

Support, networks and channels of influence for foreign-language NGOs 

Kumppanuushautomo (Partnerships Incubator) is a network that offers NGOs opportunities to influence the scope and content of public services available for foreign-language speakers.  

Kumppanuushautomo helps foreign-language NGOs join forces for the benefit of their communities. The network aims to build cooperation among NGOs, as well as dialogue between NGOs and the public sector. We also support foreign-language NGOs in developing their organizational competencies and making their vital role in furthering social integration increasingly visible.   

Kumppanuushautomo offers NGOs a low-threshold network that also enables multisector partnerships and cooperation, opening doors to influence foreign-language speakers’ services in municipalities and wellbeing services counties.    

NGOs are welcome to participate in our trainings and workshops as well as regular NGO fairs organized by HyTe and its partners such as Hello Espoo and Omnia.  

Foreign-language speakers’ NGO network in Western Uusimaa  

The Kumppanuushautomo network brings together foreign-language speakers’ organizations in Western Uusimaa to discuss common themes, get to know each other, and look for mutual development opportunities.  

We work in close cooperation with the Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county’s officials in charge of developing the foreign-language speakers’ services. Our network is actively involved in devising the county’s NGO Advisory Board’s operational plans. 

In the NGO Advisory Board’s general plan, foreign-language speakers’ organizations are represented as their own thematic network. Kumppanuushautomo coordinates the thematic network’s efforts to bring forward immigrant associations’ points of view and current concerns through the NGO Advisory Board.  

The thematic network will also participate in welfare-related program work, appoint representatives to task groups, issue statements and initiatives, as well as influence NGOs’ public funding such as grants.   

Advancing immigrants’ employment in Espoo  

Kumppanuushautomo is constantly involved in building cooperation structures between NGOs and the city of Espoo. One of the main objectives is to boost the employment of immigrants and other foreign-language speakers.   

In the KOTY (integration and employment) network, we focus on advancing the employment of foreign-language speaking young people with Employment Espoo. Together we have arranged workshops to tackle the problem of reaching youth who are neither employed nor receiving education. We listen closely to the NGOs’ views on how to bring these young people to the job market or make them aware of the city’s employment services. 

Join us to find new opportunities for your association! 

For more information, please contact Aura Tarjanne, email: aura.tarjanne(at), tel. +358 (0)50 501 8558 

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