About us

Mission, vision and values

Our mission  

  • We recognize social issues and take action to address them from a community perspective 
  • We bring together citizens and communities to make bold decisions that permanently improve everyday life  
  • As an active health and wellbeing sector player, we offer expertise, help and support to citizens and NGOs 

Our vision 

  • Wellbeing in the Finnish society is based on viable NGOs and a functioning wellbeing system  
  • Citizens’ involvement and safety is secured 
  • The vital role played by NGOs in furthering citizens’ health and wellbeing is widely recognized and utilized in the society  

Our core values 


We communicate transparently and candidly.   


We do our work professionally and enthusiastically. We are a reliable partner for individuals and communities alike.  


We are prepared to face social changes by exploring and launching pioneering new and innovative approaches to them.  


We cooperate with all our stakeholders in an equal manner to develop our activities. Everybody is welcome to join us!  


We treat people as individuals and respect everyone’s human dignity.  

About us