Help and support for NGO`s

Networks for influencing public policy and decision-making

Willing to join networks of NGOs that put citizens’ wellbeing, health and safety first? Eager to increase public appreciation of NGOs’ invaluable work in society and influence public policymaking affecting the third sector? Join forces with us to make a difference!

As a networking NGO for the Uusimaa region’s wellbeing, health and social sector NGOs, HyTe is involved in various networks covering the public and third sectors. We gather essential information from our member associations and other networking partners and channel their views to public policymakers.  

HyTe organizes workshops and other opportunities for networking. These occasions bring together NGO representatives and public officials to discuss and agree on common goals and cooperation models. We are also guiding NGOs on public funding opportunities and the availability of municipally-owned facilities. 

Thematically the focus of our networking and policy influencing efforts is on the national health and social services reform, voluntary work advancing citizens’ health and security, support for foreign-language NGOs, as well as improving skills required of NGOs, such as digital capabilities.  

Networks and channels of influence

  • We are part of a national network that helps NGOs adapt to the health and social services reform, guiding the formulation of public policy in their best interests in the Uusimaa wellbeing services counties.  
  • We are leading the national OLKA network for organized volunteer work in hospitals.  
  • We are leading the Kumppanuushautomo network in Western Uusimaa for advancing the foreign-language organizations’ operations. 
  • We are part of the national Lähellä.fi digital network and responsible for  service implementation in the Uusimaa region.  


Services for NGOs