Services and projects

HyTe’s services and projects

As a networking NGO, HyTe coordinates and implements a wide range of health and wellbeing-related services and projects. We bring together NGOs and the public sector to improve citizens’ health and wellbeing as well as everyday security.

Our projects and services focus on volunteer activities that support the wellbeing of senior citizens, hospitalized patients and people with chronic illnesses. We are also involved in multisector cooperation to help people in a difficult labour market position. We help NGOs cope with the challenges of the current national health and social services reform, and also provide and promote digital services supporting NGOs in their daily activities. 

We offer our services and expertise to NGOs and public authorities as well as individual citizens. 

  • Foreign-language NGOs 
  • Citizen activity centre 
  • Digital services for NGOs  
  • Facilities for NGOs 
  • Office services 


Services for citizens